We bring together the data & decision-making tools you need for faster EV adoption.

By abstracting away DevOps, and reducing investment in simulation infrastructure, data governance, and model-building, we help you focus your time and best resources on the one of the biggest contemporary problems facing the energy industry - how many EVs can the grid handle and how can we build an infrastructure for it.

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How Plexflo saves you time & money in your EV Projects?

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Infrastructure + Platform as a Service
We own power-grid optimized simulators & computation servers
Pre-built EV, Feeder and ML models
50+ real-world feeder models. ai/ml models. datasets.
Built for collaboration and scalability
reduce data duplications. boost value. build own dashboards. share with the team.
OUR Secret sauce

We are powered by the best assets. And equally good talent.

Our diverse team comprises world-class engineers who experts in building power systems models, electric vehicles models, feeder digital twins as well as time-series segmentation, LSTM, and other Machine Learning algorithms.

We're leading development for energy modernization teams.


Super fast data ingestion and querying from our data lake platform using our patent-pending U4PS (Unified,Universal, Ubiquitous and Uniform) protocol.

1.8 M

Our cloud and simulation infrastructure can simulate upto 1.8 million electrical nodes at every timestep.


We have simulated more than 3.5 million electrical power circuit nodes, for energy demand forecasting for long-term energy demand planning, generating upto 145 terabytes of insightful data for our customers.

5 hours

We estimate that using Plexflo, you can save upto 4 hours of legwork, ETL, and moving data ... every day, while dealing with EV integration and fleet electrification projects.

3 Patents

We have filed for three patents that will position as market leaders in EV data analytics vertical


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