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Resilience, Net Zero & Grid Modernization

Every utility has business imperatives to explore more renewable energy integration, serving customers better, and build unique climate-defense and resilience capabilities. Our goal is help the utilities during this critical period of transition.


Distribution Systems Scenario Modeling

We are entering a new era of energy and electricity. As every electric utility sets net zero targets and embraces grid modernization, digital transformation, climate-resilience, and rapid integration of renewable energy sources - it becomes increasingly important to simulate multiple scenarios ahead of time. Plexflo is committed to help its clients achieve all their energy objectives.

PSSE, PSCAD, PowerWorld, CYME, GridLAB-D or anything else

We work with every format of utilty digital twins and can build simulation solutions based on tools you already own or are with familiar with.

Cyber-Physical Power Systems Modeling

At Plexflo, we are leaders in commercializing our proprietary Boolean-Kronecker approach to model cyber-physical power systems so that we can understand the impact of communication failures, cyber-attacks, and customer-level energy transactions better.

Integrated Geo-spatial Analysis

We integrate power flow studies along with econometric data, demographic, and other GIS/Spatial data to develop renewable energy or EV adoption models in the utility operating regions.

Profile Generation

Our powerful load flow simulators can help generate multi-scenario load profiles about energy consumption and energy use-patterns so that utilities can prepare better for the future

Integrated Resource Planning

Plexflo helps develop insights at every stage of modern energy resource planning, integration and operation

We specialize in developing analytics tool that provides distribution engineers with new planning methods for the electric grid. Our analytic capabilities range from hosting capacity analysis to grid resilience monitoring for extreme weather events.

DER Growth Analysis

Cyber-physical Grid Monitoring

Integration with Real-Time Data Streams

Microgrid Simulations

Carbon Pathway Mapping

Advanced Dashboards

Custom Dashboards for Growth and Digital Transformation

Plexflo believes in the power of telling data-driven stories through beautiful interfaces that can be used and understood by every stakeholder in the critical infrastructure and energy industry. For every project, we also offer building customizable dashboards that keep our results and analytics relevant and dynamic through the life of the project, and beyond.

Customer profile user interface

We deliver software, analytics, service, and a peace of mind.

Our engineering team not delivers thorough software, and analytic reports for all of your electric grid related concerns, we take extra effort in ensuring that our strategies and software add value to your organizations' climate goals, value delivered to customers, and resilience.

Excellence in Expertise

Plexflo's services ranges from basic application support, cyber-physical modeling, DER and energy growth forecasting, resilience and reliability analytics to enhancing short-term and long-term decision-making within the utility

2-year audit ready

Our results are ready for any internal or external audit for a period of two years, where we will provide every tech support possible to ensure the utility's success

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If our results do not meet the high standards of your utility's goals and quality control, we will fix our results at no extra cost.

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