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Forecasting Renewable Energy Growth

Plexflo provides insights on growth and engineering + socio-economic impacts of renewable and clean energy technology adoption within communities. Then, Plexflo can map these insights on the larger power systems network.

Every client's energy forecasting requirements are different and evolves over time. That is why, we are proud of our hands-on collaboration approach that complements our proven renewable energy growth forecasting platform. We engage with clients’ leadership and their engineers equally to understand strategic goals and explore how our forecasts can have a meaningful impact and improve day to day engineering operations.

We produce highly accurate long-term and short-term energy forecasting models that increase profitability and reduce your energy company's financial and operational risk.

Value Delivered

  • Our short-term load forecast can help load serving entities Increase their EBITDA by lowering exposure to real-time pricing

  • We help optimize market bidding, thereby improving free cash flow

  • Help improvements in operations by predicting renewable energy variables at the high-resolution spatial levels (feeder level, substation level, zonal level, etc.)

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How we work


Understand the traditional approach

We begin with the business needs, and how this problem is solved today within the company. We collaborate with you to identify the gaps and what can be improved.


Proof of Concept

Our data science and software team will create a proof of concept (POC) for a business critical item, where you can see the value we are bringing to you.


Engage and Serve

After a successful POC, we engage with your engineers and leadership to serve your business needs more meaningfully


Develop a trusted relationship

We believe in maintaining a trusted, value-driven long-term relationship with you so that we can understand your business better and adapt to your needs over time. It is peaceful and cost-efficient for both of us.

Working with Plexflo is a unique experience, bringing human experience and artificial intelligence together.

Plexflo's forecasting service is is AI driven, but capable of accepting human input where opinions do exist to create a blended forecast. Renewable energy is unpredictable. Along with recent erratic weather patterns and climate change, we need to use the best forecasting methodologies guided by constant feedback, rooted in deep expertise, and supported by a team that truly cares.


Our team has experience working in the renewable energy industry, and knows where to emphasize on the details, and when to look at the big picture.

End-to-End Tech Stack

We have a fully loaded tech stack for power systems simulations. We have access to and expertise in steady-state software like GridLAB-D, OpenDSS, CYME to real-time tools like RTDS and Opal-RT. Also we have experts in data science, GIS analysis, remote sensing and machine learning in production environments

Alive Modeling Engine

Our forecast models are adaptive and evolve with new inputs and feedback with clients. With low MAPEs, we strive to continually undergo hyper-parameter tuning and optimization to ensure that our forecast accuracy remains the best in the industry