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Electricity and Renewable Energy Procurement

Plexflo provides technical, modeling, simulation and analytic expertise to evaluate, educate on, recommend, and assist with implementing improved, long term strategies for electricity procurement and renewable energy procurement

Value Delivered

  • Increased purchase of electric power for county operations from low-carbon and renewable electricity sources.

  • Accelerated expansion of renewable energy power production facilities within Pennsylvania electricity markets and southeastern Pennsylvania, if possible.

  • Ability to demonstrate leadership in the adoption and promotion of renewable energy.

  • Meeting the stated and future climate goals adopted or expressed by or imposed upon Entities.

  • Ability to cost-effectively pursue current and planned energy management strategies at county facilities.

  • Achievement of long-term price stability to reduce the risk of market fluctuations on energy costs.

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

  • Development of renewable energy that is consistent with county and local land use plans and goals, that protects farmland and open space in Pennsylvania and that makes the best use of underutilized land where possible.

  • Ability to allow additional to-be-determined members to join into renewable energy procurement strategy.