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Climate Change Resilience and Disaster Planning

Plexflo is a leader in modeling climate-related risks - that utilities can use to optimize vegetation management, proactively determine and mitigate power outages, and create customer-focussed restoration plans before extreme events

Plexflo's team members have 5+ years experience in developing climate-risk identification and mitigation technologies using multiple data sources, such as:

  • census data and community survey data

  • building and vehicle registration data

  • high-resolution remotely sensed imagery from diverse airborne and spaceborne platforms.

  • GIS and other geo-referenced data

  • local economy and news trends data

At the heart of Plexflo's climate risk modeling capabilities are satellite-imagery based proprietary products that broaden the application and utilization of remote sensing techniques to support and advise multiple stakeholders about risks associated with extreme weather events.

A city’s resilience depends on the conjoint synergy between city planners and critical infrastructure service providers (such as electric utilities). Plexflo helps clients work on a common platform that can help both city municipalities and utilities – allowing all stakeholders to recognize and address the resilience issues during extreme events in a uniquely thorough manner.

Services Offered

  • Base planning on climate projections

  • Charting Emissions Roadmaps: Our consultants can help in the comparative analysis of RCP 8.5 to RCP 4.5, as RCP 4.5 represents significant emissions reductions. This can help stakeholders understand the monetary and social value of driving down emissions, and the impact it has on companies and the overall economy.

  • Assessment of historic trends, future projections, and extreme events specific to regions of interest.

  • Regional Vulnerability Assessment to natural disasters, exacerbated by anthropogenic (man-made) factors

  • Resilience Planning and Implementation: Plexflo helps electric utilities, city governments, and other stakeholders prioritize strategies based on mid- to long-term goals and objectives, local values, protection of all people, resources, effectiveness, and viability over time

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Software Development

  • Our team of software and GIS Specialists can build beautiful, interactive, data driven dashboards for your team and clients to use to deliver the insights derived from climate-change and disaster resilience related studies.