Improve Short-Term load Forecasting by easily detect appliances drawing load or EVs charging at individual residences

Understand what appliances your customers are using.

More than 500 appliances in our Electric Signature Database gives Plexflo industry-leading NILM accuracy

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Understand what EV makes & models are being charged in your Grid

Plexflo's NILM technology can segment smart meter data streams into different EV manufacturers and models

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Use Smart Meter data to make customers & the grid future-ready

There are many use-cases of smart meter and AMI data beyond electricity consumption billing.

Drive energy efficiency

Help customers find out which appliances are less efficient.

Improve customer interactions

Give appliance-level insight from to call center teams to help improve answers related to ideal rates for the customer to causes for brownouts.

Improved Load Forecasting

Customer-level load profile will enhance feeder-level long-term and short-term load forecasting by 9x

Better Demand Response

Design customer-specific, timely incenctives to make grid interaction and load management more engaging and personalized for customers.

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