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Metacast helps electric utilities and energy distribution companies maintain cyber-physical Digital Twins, and simulate what-if scenarios

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Critical Infrastructure vulnerabilities can cripple entire communities and countries

... so we need to be prepared for every possible scenario, ahead of time

Metacast gives you the power to bring together all your data and digital twins together, in any granularity, into a single tool that delivers real world solutions. With infinite scenario modeling capabilities, customizable constraints, conditional variables, physical elements, simulation timescales and horizons - Metacast is a dynamic solving engine for the evolving utility. Our platform's patent-pending simulation engines helps analyze the impacts on the cyber-physical power grid - from DER adoption to EV Growth, or even hurricanes or cyber-attacks.


Plexflo's Metacast technology meets the needs of all stakeholders in modern, digital organizations.

Metacast's cloud-based, digital solution is designed to deliver more value in less time.

A modern digital utility needs to drive digital transformation by switching from one line diagrams spatial maps to spatio-temporal models that can enable them to see the future, and all the uncertainties it holds.

We want to foresee every possibility. So we can see the opportunities and challenges before they come.

Metacast software can store multiple versions and formats of a utility network's digital twin. These models accurately represent the underlying physical generation, transmission, and distribution assets, or customer consumption of power. Unlike traditional modeling tools, Metacast also has the capability to integrate the communication and renewable energy technologies being added to the network, as they evolve into Smart Grids

Multi-Format. Mathematically Accurate.

GridLAB-D, OpenDSS, CYME, WindMil, CIM ... PSSE, PowerWorld, PSCAD ... Metacast can simulate and validate power flow results across multiple formats. On top these models, it can add additional co-modeling and co-simulation attributes - such as communication networks.

Flexible and Fast

Metacast not only provides flexibility in choice of your modeling software and inter-operability across formats, our custom optimizations in open-source simulators and high-performance cloud computers help us run simulations scalably and faster. This leads to cost savings, which we pass on to utilities and energy companies, which they can then pass on to your rate paying customers. Win-win for all!

Simulate, Predict, and Automate

Metacast is designed for utilities and energy companies of all sizes to maintain evolving, intelligent, digital representations of their entire energy system. Metacast is one of the first platforms in the world to maintain a network of multiple existing Digital Twins to create a living model of complex business processes, all consumers, all assets. This helps utilities and energy companies simulate end-to-end processes and any adverse scenario ahead of time. Based on these capabilities, Metacast is a critical tool for decision makers in the critical infrastructure industry.

How are you solving Digital Transformation of your networks?

Check out a new strategy with Metacast today.

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