Deploy any algorithm. Anywhere on the grid.

Plexflo's GRID EDGE MONITOR (GEM) is a breakthrough low cost, sub-metering computer that enables utilities to deploy advanced AI/ML algorithms and data collection opportunities at customer homes or DER sites, without an internet connection.

GEMs help utilities provide customers better energy service, choice, and privacy.

No internet required
256 Bit Encrypted
Stores upto 16 GB timeseries data
Physical Privacy Switch
WiFi/LTE Module
P2P/Blockchain capable
Upgradable Components
Bring your own code/models
What can be built with a GEM
Energy Theft Detection

Compare the energy paid for by a customer, and the net energy drawn at the service mains over a period of time

Customer-specific Load Profiles, at the customer's home

For privacy or limited bandwidth reasons, customers may not opt-in to stream smart meter data all the time. Offer them the GEM device to build customer-specific load profiles at the users home directly, while

Load Disaggregation

For customer's curious to understand about their energy usage or rooftop solar generation, GEM developers can deploy load disaggregation algorithms at the edge of the grid

Smart Meter Alternative

Add additional sensors and security features to the GEM device and install next to existing single-phase meters as a low-cost upgrade and alternative to smart meter

Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Box

GEM has a powerful processor, that is capable of handling peer-to-peer energy transaction apps for a distributed energy future.

EV Pattern Detector

Since GEMs are infinitely configurable, they can be used to deploy EV (2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, eScooter) detection algorithms deployed at the point of charge

Customer facing energy use apps

GEM has open APIs that can be used to build customer-facing Android or iOS apps, energy monitors, and other displays easily. Please email us at to build apps based on our API, so that we can assist you better.


GEM has open APIs and customizable ports that lets you build any Energy AI applications you want, for grid service, resilience, metering, or improving customer experience

It's never been easier to deploy AI algorithms at the edge of the grid.

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2. Load your Code

Upload a Python or C-Code into a cassette for analytics

3. Install in minutes

Connect to service mains or behind-the-meter


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