Complexity in IOT configuration and management  makes Industry 4.0 projects go over budget and under-utilized.

Is your multi-IOT project's backend setup costing too much time or resources and dragging you down an IT/OT jargon fest?

Evidence allows you to connect, configure, and customize codes on any number of IOTs in Industry 4.0 projects with unprecedented ease. You will feel as if you employed the world's best DevOps Team for a tiny fraction of the cost, and be up and operating in minutes instead of months.

Easily deploy Device-to-Device (P2P) communication and control

Peer to peer communication for the decentralized future

With the in-built MQTT broker, you can make your IOT/edge devices, controllers and cloud computers work with one another like never before.

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The best tool for inventing faster in Smart Grids & Industry 4.0+ era

With Evidence's virtual latency emulator, Evidence helps Utilities, researchers, engineers design exciting algorithms in the edge using real-world conditions

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More ways how Evidence makes your IOT architecture future-ready

Scale with confidence, that no matter what data volume, AI-capabilities or communication protocol your current and future device will need - you will be ready for it.


Year-on-year growth in number of active devices under management, and growing everyday


Inter-device communication protocols supported (including Zigbee, MODBUS TCP, DNP3)

< 90 ms

Latency guarantee when using Plexflo's proprietary U4PS AI2AI communication protocol


In-stream ready-to-use AI algorithms for various IOT/Edge Device applications


Pay as you go monthly pricing.


Supports up to 12 Devices
MQTT, TCP/IP Protocols
Community Support
Ansible Playbooks
Connect with any visualization and database tools
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Enterprıse plan
Unlimited devices
On-Premise Deployment
Multi-year contract discounts
Own Branding
Unlimited users, unlimited storage and higher bandwidth
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How to start using Evidence?

Schedule a free introductory consultation call

Our technical experts will discuss your use-case to create the best recommendation for you to meet your IOT needs.

proof of concept
Start with a free account with a few devices

We begin with a no-cost, no-risk proof of concept to ensure we can connect with a good sample of your devices, meet your expectations and help you achieve your goals

Enterprise Deployment

Working with your IT/OT team, we will deploy Evidence platform into your Tech Stack in the most secure and scalable way possible.

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Start innovating on your IOT infrastructure today

Built on an advanced analytics management platform, Evidence will help you save time and be more productive in your IOT management tasks
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Risk free Proof-of-Concept
SOC-II Type 2 Compliant
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