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Artificial-Intelligence powered energy forecasting and tracking platform for an enterprise's carbon neutrality and renewable energy goals, across multiple regions

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Tackling climate change requires rapidly transitioning every business to clean energy.

... and that requires AI-powered analytics

Route 0 helps your company keep track of this major transformation. By integrating business objectives and stakeholder interests across your organization, our pre-built Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms can forecast trends and ensure that your organization can stay on top of its Environmental+Social Governance (ESG) and carbon neutrality objectives


Plexflo's Route0 technology meets the needs of all stakeholders in modern, digital organizations.

Route 0's cloud-based, digital solution is designed to deliver more value in less time.

Companies are prioritizing grid decarbonization, not just clean energy deployment and reducing their carbon footprint. During this phase of transition, unique human-impact-focused perspectives are required by analyzing huge datasets. Route0 is designed to be your decision-making aid while you focus on building the future of the energy industry.

Our goal is step-up our fight against climate change

Route0 helps track down every policy and engineering reinforcement you can leverage to drive your company to a clean energy future

Drive up Renewable Energy Adoption

By identifying strategic energy procurement measures, or forecasting DER growth in the utility sector, Route0 can help you accelerate clean energy adoption across your organization.

Data Analytics

Route0 delivers powerful insights on your organization's sustainability data from various sources across an organisation to one central secure platform. These data can be connected to powerful Machine Learning, Artificial and Business intelligence tools for in-depth analytics and forecasting. Finally, the platform helps you easily build and share dashboards and data visualizations through Excel, PDF and PNG

Carbon footprinting

Route0 helps you measure, manage and reduce your organization's carbon footprint across multiple business operation units. Calculate, record, and report direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2) emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

How are you solving Climate Change?

Check out a new strategy with Route 0 today.

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