Lead EV Adoption in your

operating territory

Plexflo's provides a data-driven framework for accelerating EV network development and growth in power distribution networks & smart grids


Designed for all utility planning & operations use-cases

  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Planning
  • Optimized fleet charging for C&I customers to reduce their demand charges
  • Impact of coincidental EV charging on system voltage & frequency, or transformer health
  • Substation upgrade requirements for supporting growth in residential EV growth
  • Short-term and Long-term Peak and Energy Demand Forecast
  • Detect where an EV is charging in your network using Smart Meter (AMI) data
Can Plexflo do ___ ?
Unify transportation and energy simulations ... in steady-state or in real-time.
Train Charging Forecasting Machine Learning models, using your own customer data.
ev strategy

Drive EV Pilot Projects to Success

Plexflo can help in providing all the transportation, demographic, and network simulation data you need for your EV pilot projects.

  • Managed and optimized charging
  • Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G)
  • Fleet electrification studies
  • Residential wiring upgrade costs to support multiple EV chargers at home
  • DC Fast Charger + Energy Storage integration
  • Creating EV incentives for Demand Response

Convenience in computations through our fully compliant and no-risk platform.


EV Models

ready to be simulated on your infrastructure


EVSE Equipment, Feeders and AI/ML Models


Custom Components

to create your own KPIs, metrics, and Dashboards


Secure Data Governance & SOC-2 Compliance


Go beyond the Buy-vs-Build limbo for EV analytics

Tell us which describes the problem you are solving, and we’ll get in touch with next steps.

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