We can shape the future of energy together, faster.

Become a Plexflo partner as a start-up, developer, or consultant and enjoy new revenue streams that bring value to the energy future of our planet.

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Why partner with Plexflo?

Create new revenue streams
Activate new global audiences and expand your reach by reaching Utility and enterprises already using Plexflo.
Offer even greater value for your customers
Energy professionals need access to innovation while being productive, efficient, and effective in their analytics. Together, we got this.
Accelerate growth by teaming up
Join forces with other members of the Plexflo partner network to deliver integrated solutions for our mutual customers. Leverage co-marketing opportunities.

Explore three partnership options


Become a Data / API Vendor Partner

Sell your data or APIs with Plexflo to provide Utility customers with enhanced insights for decision making and seamless workflows.

Sell faster to large utility companies
Define your own pricing
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Join as a EnergyTech Start-up Partner

Help your potential energy enterprise customers visualize the dramatic impact of your innovation on their clean energy, NetZero, Energy Justice, or de-carbonization trajectories

Add dashboard and analytics apps designed to show the value of your innovation
Reduce risk and increase adoption among Utilities/enterprises by delivering results in a secure SOC-II type 2 platform
Get $5,000 cloud computing credits + Free Premium Tech Support
Co-marketing, co-branding opportunities
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Be a Consulting Partner

Help your client utilities adapt faster to the changing world of energy. Keep pace with changes in regulations and cloud-computing, while keeping your finger on the pulse of core expertise.

Handle more clients effectively
Impress Utility clients by delivering results as "Data Products"
Gain exposure to more clients through Plexflo's Webinars, Showcase, and Thought leadership events
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Start growing your business with Plexflo’s partner program

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