Itron Smart Meter Extract to CSV

This process converts timeseries of smart meter data extracts from AMI from Itron Smart Meters into a CSV file

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How to use

  1. Load a Smart Meter Export XML file from Itron in any workflow scenario
  2. Add the "Itron Smart Meter Extract to CSV" block.
  3. The resultant CSV file will have timestamp data for each meters within the export as a list.
  4. In the next step, you can extract the list associated with every meter ID, or transform the data however you want/required by a subsequent block using a small custom script or any other available bridging block.

Sample Input

Please use a XML extract from Itron. It typically looks like this:

You can also download a sample smart meter export data here by clicking here

Sample Output

The sample output from our app will look like this:

You can download a sample output of this process by clicking here.

Theoretical Details

Itron Smart Meter Extract to CSV is a process that converts timeseries of smart meter data extracts from Itron Smart Meters into a CSV file. This process is useful for data analysis and visualization. It can be used to create custom reports or to export data for use in other applications.

This process requires one export from an Itron SES EE Smart Meter Data archival system typically deployed at the Utility. Each export can have multiple smart meter data exported as different channels.

Licensing Details

You are free to use this app or process however you want

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