GridLAB-D is for power system distribution simulations.

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GridLAB-D™ is a flexible simulation environment that can be integrated with a variety of third-party data management and analysis tools. The core of GridLAB-D™ has an advanced algorithm that simultaneously coordinates the state of millions of independent devices, each of which is described by multiple differential equations. The advantages of this algorithm over traditional finite difference-based simulators are: 1) it handles unusual situations much more accurately; 2) it handles widely disparate time scales, ranging from sub-seconds to many years; and 3) it is very easy to integrate with new modules and third-party systems.

At its simplest, GridLAB-D™ examines in detail the interplay of every part of a distribution system with every other. GridLAB-D™ does not require the use of reduced-order models for the aggregate behavior of consumer or electrical systems, which averts the danger of erroneous or misapplied assumptions. It becomes an essential tool that enables industry and government planners to design more effective and efficient programs to manage load growth and improve system reliability.

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