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Find prospective solar (plus storage) locations based on ease of interconnection to better engage developers and shorten the time required for interconnection approval.

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Interconnection Prospector is a groundbreaking new tool that helps Utilities and Developers identify prospective solar (plus storage) locations based on ease of interconnection. This innovative AI module speeds up the process of interconnection approval, making it easier and faster for developers to get their projects up and running. With this tool, solar and storage installers can hit the ground running and start generating clean, renewable energy faster than ever before.

This module is designed to calculate the thresholds at which solar /solar+storage systems will trigger or necessitate upgrades to the feeder or substation.

Inputs Required

  • Feeder GIS data (shapefile) for any region of interest
  • Pending DG interconnection queue

Features and Benefits

  • Our solution provides developers with an invaluable resource for determining the most profitable sites for development over the next 15 years.
  • With profiles of each potential land parcel and comprehensive calculations including Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV) and Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA), you are able to make informed decisions on your investments.
  • All this data is delivered in a convenient, centralized enterprise data product, with easy access via a dashboard that allows you to view all the information at once.

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