Granular Electric Load Forecasting Workflow

Feeder-level load forecasting, reinvented for the requirements of the evolving distribution feeder of tomorrow

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Plexflo is re-inventing "Load Forecasting" for the modern energy grid.

Today, utilities, researchers and planners need to visualize, collaborate, and analyze future energy growths at customer, household and feeder levels. Doing this with traditional tools slows down the whole process. Plexflo enables data discovery, analysis, steady-state and real-time simulations in one place, on the cloud.

Why you should try Granular Load Forecasting Workflow?

The fast evolving customer demands, unexpected load growths, EVs and solar rooftops require a modern approach to investigating problems in power distribution system operating and planning.

This workflow - running on Plexflo's platform - is totally customizable and makes it easy to integrate data science with electrical engineering - by making data "flow" from one aspect of the utility's business to another.

How this Load Forecasting Workflow is different?

  • Import existing models from CYME, Synergi and Windmil
  • Connect with Grid Edge IOT Devices
  • Forecast load growth accurately in your network by mapping external and internal datasets
  • Leverage cloud computing and AI/ML models designed for the smart grid

Traditional Software


Hard to connect to data across different domains to build cross-functional apps
Integrated geo-spatial load growth prospecting in terms of Electric Vehicles, solar rooftops, heat pump and demand response propensity models.
Hard to do simulations, planning and experiments with real-world data streams
Connecting with Grid Edge and IOT Devices in 3-clicks for hardware in loop simulations
No ability to connect with energy consumption or weather data points
Connect with real-time solar production, weather, traffic, energy demand data via Smart Meter/AMI Data integrations
Not built for collaboration. Limited by OS-specific, licenses and gateways
Open Source Simulation Models (GridLAB-D, OpenDSS), integrated with Python modules.
Hard to create custom load profiles for evolving consumer needs
Generate own futuristic load profiles
Very limited to individual experience
Cloud-based, designed for secure collaboration
Very difficult to connect ML/AI codes
Pre-built Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Models, or bring your own models
Most of all modern or custom energy resource innovations are not available in traditional load flow software
Easy to integrate and build models for Electric Vehicles, Charge Points, heatpumps, etc.

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