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What is Plexflo's approach to project management?

We have an Agile approach of project management, where the Scope of Work is broken down into 2-week sprints. We have weekly update calls, and broader monthly progress meetings to stay on top of our milestones, and keep the stakeholders engaged.

What are the support options for this product?

For our utility/enterprise customers. we offer phone-based support 24/7. We are also happy to provide free onsite training and engineer support (when required) during the period of contract.

What is Plexflo's quality control plan?

In our project kick-off meetings, our engineers at Plexflo will identify the individuals in the partner-organizations (or collaborators) who are responsible for quality control and the specific procedures used to ensure delivery of a quality product or service. We provide them with a customized quality control plan (specific to the project), where our team will also detail quality assurance measures, KPIs, and the method of accountability and required documentation.

Can the user adjust variables and generate additional scenarios to observe changes in grid updates requirement calculations or reliability studies?

YES! We allow full customization of the enterprise-version of the software to observe any scenario for capacity planning, long-term and short-term load forecasts, tariff studies, and other use-cases.

What technology infrastructure (if any) is required to support the product?

If using the Web-version of the tool, the Utility need not invest in any additional infrastructure. For deploying On-Prem, you would require a server with 1 TB SSD and 96 GB RAM for optimal performance across your network.

What is the anticipated project timeline to implement this product?

EVCast is ready to use when you sign up. For integration with EVIDence, or uploading CYME, GIS models, and other utility-specific data, we recommend having a 1 month contract negotiation period for IT and data governance related discussions.


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