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Go from Big Data to beautiful dashboards

Clean energy transition is complex and requires inputs from many teams.

For years, data analysts in Utilities have used a patchwork of tools for collaboration, creating reports, rate case filings, regulation strategy, rebuttals, forecast, system planning ... Plexflo brings everything — and everyone — together in one place.

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Write and organize data analytics codes in a sequence that everyone can understand.
Use tools you trust the most - Python & Excel.
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No Code. Low Code. or, Full Code? You are in control.
Prebuilt AI/ML No-Code Modules
Visualization Widgets
Deploy apps in one-click. Everything is secure & scales in the cloud, automatically.
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Create beautiful visualizations and dashboards in seconds

Designed for engineers, data scientists, quants, economists & managers in the Utility industry

Simplifying ETL and Data Warehousing - Plexflo frees the doers from the grips of IT jargon and the mercy of data engineers.

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*Plexflo is SOC-2 Type II Compliant
Build data products that's useable to the whole company
Give unique business insights to executives and leadership
Stay rooted in the physics of the power grid
Build with Data Governance & security*

The future depends on the efficiency of our analytics pipelines.

5x more Efficiency for Quants, Data Scientists & Engineers
Collaborate on same codebase, database across teams and enjoy the benefits of Jupyter notebooks, Grid Simulation software & production ready code all at once.
Managers improve ROI on data
Communicate better with regulators and stakeholders to quickly build many scenarios, and get help from engineers/Quant/Data Science teams to answer any questions with ease.
File Regulatory Documents confidently
Communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time, with greater depth, data and analytics based on the physics of the power grid.

Re-invent the PowerPoint. 10x More than yet another BI Tool.

Show, don't tell. More engaging than PowerPoints
Create insightful dashboards, organize them by space or scenario, tell beautiful stories with live data
Dynamically linked to the Data, Logic & System Physics
Unlike disparate Excel and Powerpoint and Python apps - Plexflo's Presentation Mode helps you debug and dive into data

The future depends on our Data Governance

Data products are critical for digital transformation. Data governance is critical for data products.

Unlike third-party platforms, Plexflo helps Utilities maintain single source of truth for decision-making, securely available to developers, decision-maker and all stakeholders - according to established Data Governance principles of the Utility itself.

Simplified and Secured
10 TB
Data Warehousing and Lakes
Hours saved in setting up

Build a grid analytics app in 10 minutes or less today.

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