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👋 About Plexflo!

Collaboration among utility engineers and technicians

We are a energy and clean-tech focused services, software and consultancy company that helps the world's most ambitious energy companies defend the planet against climate change, and design a resilient future.

Based in Boulder, Colorado and offices in two countries, we work alongside our utility companies and other clients as a singular team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, redefine industries, and stay ahead of breaking changes or competition.

We complement our tailored, integrated expertise with a vibrant ecosystem of digital software products to deliver better, faster and more enduring outcomes.

Plexflo is eager to work together to solve the most pressing challenges in clean tech, decarbonization, renewable energy, grid modernization, energy equity, environmental justice, economic development and the resilience of our communities.

How are we different from others?

The future of our energy grid will depend on algorithms - that optimize renewable energy, and also protect us against cyber attacks. However, raw numeric analytics and automation will never build true resilience, if we discount that x-factor that makes us and our organizations human.

Plexflo believes in building advanced algorithms on top of human experience. Thus, every line of code we write, or every enterprise solution we offer - it is based to augment the engineer's experience and expertise. Our goal is to let you explore the problems with a personal touch, and then solve them more productively, profitably, and proficiently.

The solution

Plexflo's ecosystem of digital products, and custom services, encourage more collaboration across teams using modern platforms, that anyone can use, anywhere. Our job is make analytics done easily.

The ancient consulting model for electric utilities will not serve it well during the rapid transformations of the 21st century. So, at Plexflo, we developed a hybrid approach - where we assist utilities in identifying core challenges facing them on they journey towards grid modernization, and helping them solve the problems with our software ecosystem, expert counselling, and assist in deployment of artificial intelligence to solve energy sector problems.

Why did we create Plexflo?

We created Plexflo because we faced the following problems while working in the smart grid industry:

  • 👉 As smart grid and grid modernization projects becomes more fast-paced, it becomes difficult to maintain stakeholder expectations across diverse stakeholders and management hierarchy

  • 👉️ The field workers, engineers, data scientists, researchers, and C-levels in a smart grid utility or research organization - have diverse paces of working, and different levels of risk-tolerance in their projects. This can be (and very commonly is) a bottleneck in timely completion of power grid modernization projects

  • 👉️ As smart grid scientists and developers ourselves, we found no place to collaborate. Yes, there was Github and Slack and Shared Drives, but nothing where the entire team could pair-program or brainstorm with clear, common line of sight about the problems, the opportunities, and the solutions.

Our History

Plexflo was founded in 2021 in Boulder, Colorado, by a team of power engineers, consultants, and smart grid simulation experts and entrepreneurs who graduated Techstars and Plug and Play Smart City Accelerators.

Our mission is to help electric utilities accelerate grid modernization, and enable them to bring the power of AI, cloud-collaboration, and simulations to execute engineering projects faster and more efficiently.

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