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We help you stay on top of Digital Transformation & the A.I. revolution


Improvement in Analytics Accuracy


Reduction in time wasted on finding datasets

We will simplify and make the following analysis easily accessible from your existing workflow:
- Automate Hosting Capacity Maps
- Reduce Pre-applications and Applications
- Plan for Grid Upgrades,
- Rate Design and Capital Investment Planning
- Assist in project evaluation and due diligence for new projects.
- Coordinate with industry entities for project interconnection.
- Develop power flow and dynamic models.

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Step 1 | Schedule a call to define the problem. 
Plexflo's expert grid analyst team will help you discover the building blocks you need to innovate and simplify your analytics needs
No-code A.I. models
Digital Twins
Microsoft Excel Plug-Ins
External datasets
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Step 2 | Put together a solution that meets your Utility's business and customer needs.
We will create a precise workflow across several applications and datasets to achieve analytical results for diverse projects.
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Step 3 | Integrate the custom data existing enterprise apps
We will launch your internal enterprise software or data product in minutes once you approve the prototype. Eliminate codebase maintenance.

3x boost in productivity. Read the case studies.

Plexflo can help you build and manage any load forecasting, data analytics, AI/ML implementation, risk analytics, rate case, asset management, or other forecasting projects in your Utility. Scroll right to see a few example analytics enterprise apps built on our platform.

Large-scale solar growth forecasting

Workflow to forecast renewable energy development projects within an Utility's jurisdiction, and plan how to upgrade feeders to reduce interconnection queues.

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Synchronizing Excel files with Azure

Maintain integrity as you migrate your unit's Excel files to Azure while allowing users to continue working on or updating the files locally on their desktop or local folders as needed.

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Customer energy-use analytics

Combine AMI/Smart Meter data streams with third-party external datasets and econometric elements to build a large-scale customer experience customization program.

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Wildfire risk analytics at feeder level

See your entire network’s vegetation conditions in detail to help utilities plan, optimize, and execute your vegetation management to reduce the risk of wildfires, done at the feeder level.

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"Strategic to solve load forecasting problems"

Plexflo helped build long-term forecasts for internal clients - that has been used for strategic distribution system planning, network upgrade cost calculations, and response to regulatory dockets

"Much needed to drive change"

Adding EV forecasts to existing CYME models has always been a challenge. This unique capability helps visualize the impacts of EV integration on existing asset health, and improve Cost-of-Service calculations


Bring your future smart grid vision to life, faster.

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