The world's first full-stack Grid & Energy analytics platform

Data, AI+ML, and simulations-driven decision making for Electric Utilities & Energy professionals - in one place.

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Plexflo vs. Traditional Tools

Plexflo has all the boilerplate codes, datasets, and power system simulators in one integrated platform that makes building data products within the utility - simple, scalable and secure.

For example, within Plexflo - users can identify future EV users, and integrate their future energy needs to simulation models. Plexflo's platform is a one-stop resource for analyzing how consumers are thinking about buying EVs, and how it will affect the utility's future operations, revenue, and reliability.

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Speed up innovation

Plexflo is a secure, enterprise-ready platform that helps engineers "connect" load growth indicators (such as vacant parcels and real-estate growth) and network simulation models. Without any DevOps or data quality to be worried about, utility professionals can focus on innovation for their customers.

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"the first data + analytics productivity suite designed for the utility industry"
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Enterprise Ready.

Plexflo is a SOC-2 Type 2 compliant platform. It is designed to be an analytics autopilot system that works across data sources commonly used by utilities. Designed for all utility teams to learn about the future EV-related energy and reliability demands to inform their business unit's strategy.

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What are people saying about Plexflo

"Plexflo helped build long-term forecasts for internal clients - that has been used for strategic distribution system planning, network upgrade cost calculations, and response to regulatory dockets"

Director, FORTUNE 500 Utility in NORTH AMERICA

"Adding EV forecasts to existing CYME models has always been a challenge. This unique capability helps visualize the impacts of EV integration on existing asset health, and improve Cost-of-Service calculations"