Develop Smart Grid tools for innovation spend.

Plexflo is a patent-pending A.I.-assistant, designed for utilities to accelerate speed of in-house innovation and enhance the value of existing business analytics processes in Electric Utilities

Plexflo is a A.I.powered Smart Grid tool builder

Using Plexflo, data scientists, quants, planners in Utilities can try novel digital-twins or A.I. models in their analytics workflows and build internal enterprise-grade data products up to 90% faster and 65% cheaper than before.
Explore Utility-specific innovative building blocks.
Plexflo de-risks novel A.I/M.L models or digital twins of new materials or grid assets - so that the Utility can build trust with new technologies faster
No-code A.I. models
Digital Twins
Grid Simulation
External datasets
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Expand innovation investment portfolio. Add the best-ones to ratebase.
Since Plexflo helps explore many ideas fast, it helps Utilities make strategic investments in Grid Modernization, justifiable in rate-case filings.
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Build exploratory Data Products from your Workflows.
Add new datasets or models with very little effort from your in-house dev/data science teams to see their impact on the Utilities' business case.

Why Utilities would ❤️ Plexflo  

Building customized, in-house analytics tools helps Utilities do grid modernization and energy transition experiments, trials, RFPs, projects faster, for lower costs and at lower risks - while increasing the ROI of existing investments

Discover enriching datasets

EV and Heatpump adoption propensity models

Improve load forecasting & predictive asset health models by identifying pockets of electrification load growth. Refreshed every year.

Large-scale solar & storage growth models

Developers find sites and estimate interconnection costs with utilities. Utilities can streamline and shorten approval process, improve capital planning and hosting capacity analysis. Refreshed every year.

Satellite Imagery

Develop unique applications using high-resolution satellite-imagery to find commercial solar adoption potential, asset inspections, to utility-specific AI-based vegetation management plug-ins. Customizable refreshes.

Adopt A.I. and Clean Tech innovations faster, at lower risk.


Digital Twins

Test how novel battery configurations will inter-connect with Utility feeders in a few clicks and zero risk.
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No-Code AI Modules

Cut down AI/ML development time by exploring pre-trained models ready for Utility's business use case
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Analytics Workflows

Consolidate existing codebases into a secure and scalable workflow that outlives all changes
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Build Data Products, with governance and scalability

Avoid Buy-vs-Build

Buy the parts (Code blocks, digital twins, ML Models) you need to quickly extend your teams' existing analytics capabilities

Foster Experimentation

Unleash the true power of a digital utility where researchers can try new things without executive buy-in for every step

Increase value of data

Merge real-time utility data with external datasets to increase forecast and analytics accuracy

More insights for everyone

Data products created using Plexflo enables everyone to access data-rich insights securely

the secret of leading digital transformation

Collaborate with every stakeholder

How an IOU* is simplifying DER forecasting with an internal SaaS

Reducing 3x costs and time in development costs while accurately predicting future load growth, DER impact for Capital Investment Planning (CIP)

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Build an enterprise SaaS internally and keep it updated.

Too many SaaS companies are trying to sell to Utilities today - but the best are the ones that Utilities build themselves.

Save cloud computing costs and DevOps overheads

Utilities must save Op Ex costs through process efficiency. One way to reduce costs is to automate cloud deployments.

Maintain knowledge base across teams

Utilities work across many teams. Teams and team members get re-org'd, or they change jobs. Utilities lose a lot of intellectual capital in the process. Let's stop that .. yesterday!

Cybersecure, managed access to external data and AI/ML resources

Utilities need a trusted access to safely reap the benefits of OpenADR, GridLAB-D, OpenDSS and plethora of excellent AI/ML open source libraries out there.

IOU = Investor Owned Utility, such as National Grid or Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE)
Researching a new Climate Change Impact tracking algorithm

Researchers are using Plexflo to exploring the impact of increasing hurricanes on the power grid.

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Collaborate with peers & students

Consolidate ideas and codes across peers, stakeholders, and students into a single platform to lead research projects better.

Increase TRL Levels faster

Increase the adoption potential and maturity of your idea by testing with real world data in sandboxed environment.

Develop and test on Real-World Data

Plexflo gives researchers access to real-world datasets, without having to deal with NDAs with larger enterprises.

Better reporting for showing progress on funded projects

Show the developments made in grant-funded research projects with compelling dashboards and data.

Our ongoing survey is showing that consolidating data is leading to greater success climate change related projects.
Building more ecofriendly, efficient batteries

This case study shows how a startup is showing the value of its battery tech to corporate partners, utility stakeholders, and investors.

Read the Case Study
Build digital twin or model of your product

Provide a clear picture of how the system will work to your early adopters and identify potential problems and issues early on.

Test how the innovation performs in integrated real-world settings

Plexflo provides real-world data from leading Utilities for de-risking CleanTech innovations during the pre-operational phase of a project

De-risk the technology faster to enterprises & investors

Plexflo provides real-world data from leading Utilities for de-risking CleanTech innovations during the pre-operational phase of a project

Add AI/ML and dashboarding capabilities to your tech stack

Save time and thousands of dollars if you want to increase the value of your offering by adding data analytics or AI modules.

Plexflo offers startups $5,000 in cloud computing credits, free premium support and access to a marketplace to sell to Utilities. Are you a startup? Join us now.
Deliver more insights for your clients, in less time.

Plexflo's unique platform can help consultants go deeper in their research with automations to save them time and effort.

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Manage large projects, and multiply your productivity with templates.

Plexflo enables consultants to make "Templates" from their workflows, that they can repeat project after project, client after client.

Save time finding the right datasets.

Consultants can increase the value they deliver to their clients by finding richer, cleaner datasets relevant to the problem they are solving.

Easy way to stay on top of changing regulations & standards

Plexflo's Regulation-Tracker tool helps consultants keep their subject-matter-expertise up to date, and deliver trusted advice and guidance to their clients

Help your clients further by prototyping data products

All enterprise clients are keen to lead digital transformation. Consultants can help them get started with data product prototypes for them to test their ideas.

Plexflo can also help consultants with white-labeled solutions. Please reach out to discuss.
"Strategic to solve load forecasting problems"

Plexflo helped build long-term forecasts for internal clients - that has been used for strategic distribution system planning, network upgrade cost calculations, and response to regulatory dockets

"Much needed to drive change"

Adding EV forecasts to existing CYME models has always been a challenge. This unique capability helps visualize the impacts of EV integration on existing asset health, and improve Cost-of-Service calculations


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