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Build the future of energy with clarity and purpose.

Plexflo is an all-in-one platform that helps your team succeed in clean energy transition projects. Faster and with less fuss.

Plexflo enables clean tech adoption 14x more effectively. Built for utilities, developers, and modern energy businesses.

Clean Energy Roadmap

Every utility and large energy consumer has custom clean energy roadmaps, that will evolve over time. Tools built using our API and platforms help your teams stay focused on your climate goals through all changes.

Forecast DER Growth

Knowing trends in regions of DER growth can help electric utilities prepare for upgrading the infrastructure, and mitigate the potential disruptions caused by large DERs.

Spatial Forecasting

Plexflo has geo-spatial analytic capabilities that has monitors environmental, econometric and social trends to understand future clean tech adoption trends among residential and C&I end-users.

Totally in Your Control

Build custom solutions in Python with Plexflo's APIs, or create dashboards within our apps - you can build your analytics exactly the way it works for you.

Upcoming Events

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Build your own Smart Grid Apps with Plexflo Open Source APIs

Date: January 12, 2022 10 AM Eastern Time. Hosted on Zoom.

Learn how to build an energy forecasting and artificial application using Python and Plexflo during the course of the workshop. Limited seats.


Visit us in Booth 132 at DistribuTech 2022 in Dallas, Texas

Dates: Jan 26-28, 2022 at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Discover how you can change the utility industry by quickly putting together enterprise-grade analytics and forecasting solutions related to clean energy.

Build Your Own Energy Intelligence in one connected platform

Plexflo's APIs, software and simulation tools helps your teams build comprehensive and business-focused data science frameworks and apps for cyber-physical grid modeling, renewable energy resource planning, planning for climate risk, charting carbon pathways, and enhancing customer satisfaction.


APIs to access Solar Potential Estimates, Value of DER Calculation, Energy Equity tracking

Algorithms and Models

Plexflo assists in maintaining and improving your power system models as digital twins, and also provides pre-trained machine learning models to estimate building efficiency, vegetation encroachment tracking, customer satisfaction analytics using social media analytics, and local trends in public sentiments towards clean energy adoption

Analytics & Visualization

Plexflo SaaS applications offer a singular cloud-based platform for your entire organization for consuming and delivering analytic results, and simulating what-if scenarios

Latest News and Resources

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Rapidly adapt to new clean energy and grid modernization goals

Plexflo's proprietary software suite, Artificial Intelligence library, and API Libraries helps utilities build custom solutions tailored for needs of your organization, like putting together Lego blocks.

Build a Net Zero Roadmap

Route0 is a premium sustainability reporting software for environmental, social, and governance (ESG), forecasting renewable energy growth, and tracking down green house gas (GHG) emissions across the organization. The flexibility of Route0, custom dashboards, and built-in AI-powered plugins, help your organization build a robust, achievable carbon neutrality pathway that not only meets all compliance requirements, but also accelerates our way to a better planet.

Personalize Energy Solutions for Every Customer Need. Before they know they need it.

Hypewatts helps electric utilities manage their power systems and network models, and use them to simulate any what-if scenarios. Metacast helps to improve and develop resilience in utility operations by seeing and fixing the vulnerabilities of the power grid ahead of time.

Design resilience and bottom-up energy forecasting models

Metacast helps utilities forecast trends in clean tech adoption, understand the impact on the power grid, forecast short-term and long-term renewable energy profiles, and streamline rate analytics in their operating jurisdictions. DER Prime helps solar + storage developers optimize the solar and storage system size in order to maximize value for their customers.
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Plexflo Consulting Services

We bring together your engineering experiences with artificial intelligence to build solutions that work for you

Full Access to all our APIs

Build bespoke energy solutions and analytics with full access to our most advanced algorithms and APIs

Secure Client Portal

All our clients engage with us using a secure, encrypted client portal - that allows us to exchange sensitive data, results and analytics - without any stress


Plexflo provides intuitive dashboarding tools within the simulation and analytics framework, enabling rich data visualization across teams, no-coding required.

Meet the Standards

Integrated conformance-check with IEEE, ANSI, and ASCE standards helps build simulation models that are easy to deploy in the real world.

24x7 Support

We have support teams located in every timezone in North America, to ensure your critical projects always have the support you need


We operate in compliance with NERC CIP and SOC-2 standards.

Digital Transformation Software

Explore the range of Plexflo platforms

DER Prime,Route 0,SimOps are Plexflo's line-up of SaaS products designed to help utilities, energy companies, and large companies undergo rapid digital transformation, reduce carbon footprint, and adopt the benefits of artificial intelligence, digital twin simulations and data analytics into their workflows most effectively.