Forecast EV growth and impacts at the feeder level

Discover how EV & DER Policies and programs affect every customer, region, and feeder differently in terms of reliability and peaks.

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our technology

How we help utilities design EV-first future grids with existing data

EV-first grids begin by identifying future EV users, and integrating their future energy needs to simulation models. Plexflo's platform is a one-stop resource for analyzing how consumers are thinking about buying EVs, and how it will affect the utility's future operations, revenue, and reliability.

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why plexflo

Speed up innovation

Plexflo is a secure, enterprise-ready platform that helps engineers "connect" load growth indicators (such as vacant parcels and real-estate growth) and network simulation models. Without any DevOps or data quality to be worried about, utility professionals can focus on innovation for their customers.

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Available on existing platforms

Plexflo is an analytics autopilot system that works across data sources commonly used by utilities. Designed for all utility teams to learn about the future EV-related energy and reliability demands to inform their business unit's strategy.


As the grid evolves in uncertain ways, utility teams deserve an extra pair of eyes and a tireless brains that can think through all possible scenarios.

As EVs shift the peak, load forecasts are becoming more error-prone.

AS seen in

We have worked with the world's most advanced teams in energy forecasting


Plexflo adds EV projections to load forecasts

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Manage the full cycle from planning EV installations, to monitoring and managing charging in real-time.

Plexflo provides the platform and the computing infrastructure your teams need to put EV infrastructure development goals on the fast track.

Designed for utilities, facilities, small businesses and charge-station/EVSE developers to build risk-free and cost-efficient EV infrastructure.

Our mission is to help you design, deploy, and manage technically feasible, financially sound, and socially responsible EV projects in the shortest time possible.

I'm an utility professional

De-risk EV charging. Estimate infrastructure upgrades

I am an EVSE Contractor

Design better rates, incentives, and cost recovery strategies

I plan for cities, facilities or buildings

Ensure EV charging access for low-income communities. Achieve all ESG goals.


Build hyperlocal EV usage models in record time for every feeder circuit

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Use cases for every utility team

Create multiple EV adoption scenarios

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     Lead new EV outreach      projects & pilots

societal collaboration

regulatory teams
Enrich petitions and testimonies with more data & proof

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how WE work

Plexflo is not just another software tool. We are people too.

Our apps have remarkably intuitive user experience. However, we also provide live, hands-on 24/7 tech support to our enterprise partners to make sure your critical work never gets interrupted.

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We guarantee time & cost savings in your next distribution planning project.

Utilities and enterprises partner with Plexflo because of our technical leadership, proven experience within complex grid & data simulation platforms, and the peer-to-peer support we provide engineering managers. No other company in the grid-data-analytics industry guarantees their results and stands behind their work like Plexflo.

Highest quality data & models

We clean all datasets for you so that your team has to spend less time worrying about data quality & scrubbing. We have clean ETL processes, ML models, and feeder simulators - designed to save you Operational and IT costs.

Proven analytics roadmaps

We will design the most cost-effective analytics road maps for your Net Zero planning, workpaper and testimony drafting, grid modeling/ simulation, short-term & long-term load forecast needs

Secure, optimized & managed cloud

Beyond our cloud-based app, we also have cost-optimized architectures that can be deployed on the utility's own AWS, Azure, Snowflake, and Google Cloud. We ensure SOC-2 and ISO 27000 compliant, and support enterprise single-sign on.

Alignment across stakeholders

EV-programs and grid modernization projects go over-budget or even fail, because of simple confusions or communication gaps between stakeholders & analysts. We take all steps to ensure that does not happen.


What are people saying about Plexflo

"Plexflo helped build long-term forecasts for internal clients - that has been used for strategic distribution system planning, network upgrade cost calculations, and response to regulatory dockets"

Director, FORTUNE 500 Utility in NORTH AMERICA

"Adding EV forecasts to existing CYME models has always been a challenge. This unique capability helps visualize the impacts of EV integration on existing asset health, and improve Cost-of-Service calculations"

Sayan Chakraborty
June 13, 2022
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Pranav Raikote
March 5, 2022
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Energy Disaggregation and Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring of EVs from Smart Meter Data
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March 4, 2022
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